Thursday, August 9, 2012

Welcome all... 1st Post!!!

Hello everyone and welcome all to my first official Train Hunters official blog.

 My name is Anthony Reyes and I am proud to welcome every railfanner and Trainz user to my blog. In this blog, there will be many interesting topics such as:

- OCS Specials
- HU Rock/Coal Trains
- Locations to visit
- Trainz
- And other miscellaneous...

Since I am a Trainz user and Designer (Texture Maker and Route Builder), I will posting updates on routes that I will be creating along the way and will show tutorials such as:

- Tree Shadows w/ Textures

- Building Texturing

- ATLS Crossing (for anyone that might need help to time crossings...)

- and much much more...

So I hope that you stop by soon and enjoy this young, but growing blog...

- Anthony Reyes (Train Hunters)
- Trainz User: magana47

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