Friday, August 10, 2012

1st Train Report

Hello everyone,

Today I just posted my first Train Report from both the Folkston and Jax Terminal area. Woke up at around 8:00 A.M. and started to think about making a report like Dennis (DSpwl) does with his amazing O.R.L. Logs. Getting an idea based from his logs inspired me to make my own Train Log, the "Jackson-Folk Train Report". This train report would come in handy for all of us since we always try to get a H/U from Folkston and other areas.

The "Jackson-Folk" (Jacksonville-Folkston) Train Report is a report that will be consisted on mainline freights for now. No matter what direction it may head to, using radio feeds and ATCS from my HQ (since it is now fixed), I will be posting exact or nearly exact times of each freight that is calling a junction or approaching a DD. The areas that I'm only covering for now is just:

- Nahunta Sub
- Callahan Sub
- Jax Terminal Sub
- P&A Sub (Baldwin)

I am thinking of making expansions to Savannah, Waycross, and the Fitzgerald soon (even though coal trains come from the Fitzgerald). But for now, these areas are obviously the well known areas that I now know (learned some information from the Jax blitz on the 4th).

The trains that you may not see in these logs are locals since they vary on their location and they are not as important except for local Jax railfanners. But they would be some trains that might be added that would be interesting...

Corrections to the log can be allowed (even though I will try to provide as little corrections as I can first after I posted it) and any H/U will be added to the log at the end.

Hopefully I will try to do it daily to provide as much train info as I can. (Afternoon or Evening hours). So hope you stopped by and thanks for reading this post.

Anthony Reyes (Train Hunters)

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