Saturday, August 18, 2012

SFRM JAX Blitz - August 4

V189-30 on a beautiful morning...Crawford DiamondCSXT Q453-04 pounds the Crawford Diamond...The preparations for the LEGO Photo Shoot...LEGO CSXT C-40 Side ViewCSX LEGO Commercial Shot
C-40s Front ViewOn the road to Simpson Yard...NS 229 at CrawfordNS 209 roaring through CrawfordNS 209 getting ready to pound the diamond...Callahan Junction
Callahan A-Line Signals - Historic vs. NewA panoramic view...CSXT N172-29 rounds the curve at Callahan...A/C ES44AH PowerN172-29 getting ready to pound Callahan JunctionCSXT Q037-03 rolling through CR 115
CSXT Q613-04 highballing at Dyal Hill...Distant to Hillard...Amtrak P052-04 highballing through HillardCSXT Q455-04 roaring towards Callahan...CSXT Q457-04 blowing...#9013 Closeup op

SFRM JAX Blitz - August 4, a set on Flickr.

Hello everyone, hope you guys enjoy this great collection of pictures that were taken on the SFRM Jax Blitz on August 4th. If you have the chance, please take a look, you will love them.

Anthony Reyes (Train Hunters)

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