Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bringing a Rock Plant back to life in Trainz...

While doing Trainz today, I decided to leave my "Okeechobee" area today (no name yet) and work on a different area that would be known as a CYDX Rock industry. Just looking at one of the industries that used to be one of the busiest rock industries in rail transportation in WPB was this Cemex plant.

View Larger Map - CEMEX Lake Worth

Now known for its truck transportation, this Cemex in Lake Worth used to carry around 10-12 CYDX Hoppers on a daily basis before it was abandoned. So I decided to make a sort of a similar industry like it.

The beginning...

Taking a look at the main entrance of the CEMEX plant in Google Maps, it is obviously a gated entrance, but has no type of concrete wall that goes by the main line. Instead it has a fence that goes right by with some shrubs and foliage.

View Larger Map - Main area of focus

Since the Cement industry is not exactly like the one in real life, I used a similar cement plant that is similar to the way the silos and the loading area look like. Even though they may have a different color scheme, looking at it from the ground view looks almost alike in the way in which the industry track goes off the line and into the plant. A lot of grass was used and shrubs to cover up some of the grass that may look the same to make it more of a dense shrub area.

Since the cement industry consists of different types of commodities, a little bit of ballast hills would be added to give a similar type of ballast piles that are seen in the cement plant. I also noticed that there was a CAT unloader, so that would be added as well to give it a more realistic perspective as seen in the street view image. 

I know that palm trees would have been added, but didn't think about it at the moment since I thought that it would not be compatible with the foliage. Some Chinese fan palm trees and the Tree Palm 2 trees would have given a more realistic look to the area, so they will be added.

At first, I thought a corrugated wall would fit with the industry, but that would not show much of the industry when seen from this street...

Industries soon to be opened...

Even thought it does not match with the way the real image looks, I can play with it and make it look exactly like the real area by changing the topography of the area and giving it a double track instead of the single track that is currently in its place. But as for these industries, these will be soon open as it is still a WIP since the cement plant is the big focus.

The result...

After giving it more shrubs, foliage, and other assets, the result of this industry turned out to be a look-alike. A lot of shrubs would be attached in between the grass and consist would be placed for the replacement of CYDX hoppers. Even though these hoppers are used for pellets, these contain commodities of cement and sand, which matches with the commodities that are seen in this industry.

I would really like to see some CYDX Hoppers in this industry as these CITX hoppers are taking their place. The industry does need some scheming to do and its commodities.

Anthony Reyes (Train Hunters)

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