Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Looking back to the SCL era... 1986 - IM and East Rail

Hello everyone, I thought I might share something with you guys that Lance sent me. Taking a look at East Rail is like a paradise. But wondering about how it was back then makes it a little more inspiring... Taking a look at this historic map website (, it has inspired me to look back at how this great East Rail and IM site was...

East Rail Section - 54st and below - 1986

This type of images can really provide some great examples of the activities (even though there might have been some times that were quiet) that were based on the industries that were active.

(Taking a look back to 1980 gives a bigger example of this)

East Rail Section - 54st and below - 1980

They provide in a way how much activity existed during the SCL era down in the great East Rail and Spurs. A lot has changed 30 years from now, but some of these industries just keep growing at a constant rate.


Intermodal - 1986 era
During the 1980s, the SCL would become one of the most important railroads to have IM terminals in the south. Its capacity wasn't the biggest like Jax due to the size of the yard. In 1980, as you may see the connector (NW 37 Ave) was not even close to being constructed until the beginning of 1986. And the IM yard was at its biggest since they were no other businesses taking over.

Seaboard Coast Line Intermodal facility - 1980

But by the early through mid-1986, one business was starting to take a section of the grand IM facility (known today as UPS). Even with one business taking over, it would still go strong but with much less freight.

Seaboard Coast Line Intermodal Facility - 1986

In between 1980 and 1986, it would become an strong IM terminal until 1987. Really have no idea why they would abandon this portion of land (even though it is still intact (see main IM area)). The IM facility might have had a capacity to take a train like the CFL IMs of today.

Recent aerial imagery of the IM terminal

Hopefully this grand portion of land that had an importance in the trucking logistics will wake up once again to be the IM terminal that it was as its sidings are still in place...

Anthony Reyes (Train Hunters)

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